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Kurtág György: Signs, Games and Messages

for clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet

Setting: Clarinet, Bass-Clarinet, More Clarinets
Genre: Contemporary Hungarian Works
Period: Contemporary Music
Language: Hungarian, English, German
Length: 68 pages
Published: November 2017
Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Item number: 15066
ISMN: 9790080150665
Signs, Games and Messages are series for solo instruments and small chamber ensembles. Each of the three notions refers to an essential factor in Kurtág's music. Signs ties in with the composer's period of study in Paris as a young man, when he could not compose, merely put graphic signs on the paper.

(Additionally, the word points to inspiration gained from the art of Klee and Michaux.) Games links with his nine-volume series for the piano with that title. Messages conveys the very personal content of these works, in that these short pieces are actually diary notes and missives to musicians and friends important to Kurtág.

The collection - like his earlier five series for stringed instruments - does not form a coherent cycle. The pieces can be played individually or in various orders or among pieces from Signs, Games and Messages written for other instruments.


Hommage a J. S. B.
Einen Augenblick lang
Hommage a Eliott Carter - 1. Capriccio
Hommage a Eliott Carter - 2. Arioso
In Nomine - all'ongherese
Calmo, sognando
Perpetum mobile
... ein Brief aus der Ferne an Ursula
Two Pieces for Bass clarinet - 1. Capriccio
Two Pieces for Bass Clarinet - 2. ... Words have become unfaithful to me ...
Kroó György in memoriam
(... summaia a B. P. mondasinac ...)
for oboe and contrabass clarinet
Rozsnyai Ilona in memorian
for English horn and contrabass clarinet
Versetto (apokrif organum)
for English horn and bass clarinet
Rimma Dalos: Ljubov na meszjac (Hommage a Tristan)
for English horn and bass clarinet
Hommage a Elliott Carter
for English horn and contrabass clarinet
for contrabass clarinet and pianino (con supersordino)
Rozsnyai Ilona in memoriam
for English horn, contrabass clarinet, pianino (con supersordino) and piano (pizzicato)
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