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Elia, Alessio: Octet

for wind octet

Partitur und Stimmen

Besetzung: 1 fl (anche picc.), 1 cl, 2 fg, 2 tr, 2 trb
Dauer: 13'
Verlag: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Artikelnummer: E-11
Verlagsnummer: 15088
Commissioned by I Solisti della Scala for the CD "Octets", a project conceived by the conductor Andrea Vitello, which includes also the first recording in the performance of I Solisti dela Scala of the Octet by Stravinsky and the first world recording of the Octet by Peter Eötvös, the Octet by Alessio Elia is described by the Italian musicologist Guido Barbieri in these terms: "In the Octet written in 2016 by Alessio Elia, the musical elements, or their strongly contrasted combination, significantly shape the structure of the piece. The utilization of different temperaments - a technique defined by the composer as "polysystemism" - further emphasizes his concept of sound as a phenomenal entity. The first part recalls the characteristic of a toccata, punctuated with the violent, sometimes bitter, intrusions of the trumpets, trombones and flute, which is mostly scored in the highest register. In the second movement - clearly distinguished from the previous one - woodwinds and brass are reunited in a slow and solemn chorale, colored in dark and blurry tones." The more and more ornamented choral suddenly turns into the closing section, based on the virtuoso alternation of the instrument groups.
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