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Tihanyi László: Passacaglie (2009 rev. 2016)

for viola and orchestra

Partitur und Stimmen

Besetzung: 3 fl (anche picc.), 2 ob, 3 cl (anche bcl), 2fg (anche cfg), 3 cor, 2 tr, 3 trb, 1 tb, perc, arp, e-piano, archi
Periode: Zeitgenössische Musik
Dauer: ca. 22'
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
Verlag: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Artikelnummer: T-31
Verlagsnummer: 14708
The title of the work derives from the fact that the musical materials of the four movements are based on passacaglia-structured passages from my opera entitled Genitrix. The passacaglia principle (which originally in Baroque music generally meant harmonic variation above a constantly recurring melody in the bass) became popular again in 20th-century music, but in a much freer form. The first movement is a kind of introduction, in which the solo instrument and the orchestra carry on a dialogue; in the fast second movement the soloist is accompanied by just a small chamber group.The character of the mainly 5/8-metre musical processes is distantly akin to that of traditional scherzo movements. The third movement, in which two contrasting musical materials are opposed, is a "danse macabre" using dynamic and asymmetrical rhythms. The closing movement - which is also the longest - introduces the largest number of themes. The passages based on these are interrupted several times by the soloist's cadenzas of varying length.

The work was completed in 2009 and dedicated to the viola player Kim Kashkashian, who gave it its premi?re in Budapest on January 25, 2010 with the Concerto Budapest orchestra conducted by András Keller. (László Tihanyi)

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