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Vidovszky László: Promenade for ensemble (2015)

Partitur und Stimmen

Besetzung: Kammermusikensemble
Besetzung: fl., ob., 2 cl. (II. anche bcl.), fg., 2 cor, tr., trb., perc., 2 vl., vla, vlc., cb.
Gattung: Zeitgenössische ungarische Musik
Periode: Zeitgenössische Musik
Dauer: 21'
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Verlag: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Artikelnummer: V-49
Verlagsnummer: 15049
In László Vidovszky's (* 1944) oeuvre, compositions for chamber ensemble have represented an important group of works since the 1980s, and at the same time he began to process music history in an idiosyncratic way. Promenade, written in 2015, seems to evoke Mussorgsky's famous painting exhibition, or even a walk in a big city that brings unexpected encounters. The two violins out of an ensemble of 15 musicians play a prominent role: their dialogue, accompanied by soft noises, forms the opening and final parts of the six-movement work. In the third movement, which commemorates the musicologist and conductor László Dobszay, the choral-like chords of the winds are confronted by the wild gestures of the violins, while the fourth movement, remembering an encounter with the Kurtág couple, is a scherzo, a fairy dance 'built of snowflakes' from the intricate polyphony of short motifs.

Composition and publication of the work were supported by the Hungarian National Cultural Fund.

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