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Balassa Sándor: Phantasy for Harp and String Orchestra, op. 76 (2002)

partition et parties

Instrumentation: Harpe et orchestre de cordes
Période: 20th Century
Duration: 16'
Date du parution: Août 2013
Editeur: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Numéro d’édition: B-71
Cotage de l'editeur: 14822
''I always felt attracted by the sound of the harp, a new interesting phenomenon of the 19th century history of music. Composers of the romantic era and the beginning of the 20th century found a natural way of harp playing by which they could provide virtuoso, smooth and the same time musically demanding pieces for harpists. I hoped that I could finally seek out my own style of writing for harp. Then I found some preclassical transcriptions where the harp - to my great pleasure - sounded eloquently without the usual clichés. This experience encouraged me. Firs I wrote the Sonatina for harp (op. 47), then by the request of Melinda Felletár I composed the Phantasy in 2002.'' Program notes by the composer to the CD-recording. (Hungaroton, HCD 32467)

Performed byMelinda Felletár (harp), Hungarian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Béla Drahos

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