Composer: Papp Lajos (27 articole)
Papp: 15 Little Pieces for two cellos (6722) Violoncellos Papp: 3 Trios for 3 Violins (14206) Violins Papp: 35 Easy Two-part Choruses 1 (5939) Upper Voices Papp: 35 Easy Two-part Choruses 2 (5940) Upper Voices Papp: Arco-Pizzicato (14273) String Orchestra Papp: Children's Songs from Europe (13218) Piano Duet Papp: Dialogo (P-17) Concerto (piano) Papp: Four Little Pieces (6111) Violoncello and Piano Papp: Four Pieces (6762) Violoncello Papp: Hungarian Christmas Songs (14046) Piano Papp: Hungarian Christmas Songs (14089) Two or More Recorders Papp: Hungarian Christmas Songs (14093) Violins Papp: Hungarian Variations (14171) Violin and Piano Papp: Impressioni (6763) Mixed Chamber Trio Papp: Improvvisazione (6383) Piano Papp: Merry Trumpeters - Five trumpet trios (14363) Trumpets Papp: Miniatures (6592) Mixed Chamber Duo Papp: Nine Bagatelles (6430) Cimbalom Papp: Rhapsody for Violin Solo (14269) Violin Papp: Ricercare (6333) Harp Papp: Scherzo (6664) String Orchestra Papp: Six Bagatelles (4684) Piano Papp: Sketches (6764) Violin Papp: Sonata (4248) Violoncello and Piano Papp: Story Scenes (13217) Piano Papp: Three Piano Pieces (5703) Piano Papp: Three Rondos (5300) Piano