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Győrffy István: Ungaresca

for concert band


Instrument: Concert Band
Instrumentation: picc, 4 fl1, 4 fl2, ob1, ob2, 4 cl1 Bb, 4 cl2 Bb, 4 cl3 Bb, 2 cl b Bb, fg1, fg2, sax a1 Eb, sax a2 Eb, 2 sax t Bb, sax bar Eb - 2 crnt1 Bb, 2 crnt2 Bb, 2 tr1 Bb, 2 tr2 Bb, 2 tr3 Bb, cor1, cor2, cor3, cor4, 2 trb1, 2 trb2, 2 trb3, 2 flic t Bb/C, 2 euf C/Bb, 2 tb1, 2 tb2 - tamb mil, ptti, gr c
Serie: EMB Concert Band Series
Gen: Band Music
Period: Contemporary Music
Grade: 5
Duration: 13:30
Intindere: 60 pagini
Format: A/4
Publicat pentru prima data: Noiembrie 2014
Editor: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Numar articol: 14913
Numarul original al articolului la editor: 14913SET
ISBN: 9790080149133
Hungarian-style dance music which flourished in the 16th and 17th centuries - generally referred to as ungaresca - represents a valuable part of European musical tradition. István Győrffy's work (2007-2010) is a late successor of this tradition. It was written with the intention of embodying the eastern-central European tradition in order to present an alternative to the current fashions of music for wind instruments. The composer's approach to this style utilizes traditional forms of music. Both the first and third movements effectively optimize a concert band's tonal possibilities by using solos and small chamber groups in a varied manner. The slow and melodic second movement transfers a characteristic playing technique of Hungarian instrumental folk music to the concert band.

István Győrffy composed Ungaresca for young people preparing for careers in music. The work provides an excellent opportunity for students not only to display their instrumental skills, but also to gain orchestral playing experience.


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