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Tihanyi László: Two Imaginary Dialogues (2011)

Instrument: Chamber Orchestra
Instrumentation: fl (picc), ob(cor ingl), cl (bcl), fg, tr, hn, trb, e.pno, Perc (one player), 2 vl, vla, vc, cb (5strings)
Period: Contemporary Music
Duration: 11'
Editor: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Numar articol: T-30
Numarul original al articolului la editor: 14805
The work (completed in December 2011) is commissioned by Vladimir Tarnopolski and his Ensemble Studio for New Music Moscow.

Composing this piece it made me meditate on my relationship to Russian culture. I realised that not only Russian music is very important for me but also Russian literature, fine arts and film. I decided to write a piece which is based on imaginary dialogs with two extraordinary directors: Eisenstein and Tarkovsky. I tried to express my reactions to their visions of the world in music and find my possible connections with them." (László Tihanyi)

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Dialogue 1 - Eisenstein
Dialogue 2 - Tarkovszkij
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