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Horváth Balázs: Intermezzo

per quartetto d'archi (2001)

score and parts

Zasedba: String Quartet
Serija: EMB Contemporary Music
Zvrst: Contemporary Hungarian Works
Obdobje: Contemporary Music
Število strani: 40 strani
Leto izdaje: Maj 2014
Založba: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Številka artikla: 14386
ISMN: 9790080143865
''The four parts of the piece originate from the piano cycles of Johannes Brahms. The identical nature of the themes is implied in their descending direction, while their differences lie in their distinct meters, key signatures and tempo. I further developed the differences through the use of different musical alterations (of melody, rhythm and timbre) while the melodic contours are always constant. Depending on the listener's attention, the melody lines written above one another will be audible separately or appear to be in unison.'' (Balázs Horváth)
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