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Tihanyi László: Irrlichtspiel

for violin solo and large ensemble

score and parts

Zasedba: Concerto (violin)
Zasedba: ob., cl., in mi bemolle, sass.t. in si bemolle, - 2 cor., 2 tr., 2 trb. - arpa, cel.(anche synth. Yamaha DX7), chit. - batt. (3 es.): vibr., xylor., camp., 2 tb. picc. s.c., maracas, claves, wood bl., ptto sosp. - 4 vlc.
Zvrst: Contemporary Hungarian Works
Trajanje: 8'
Založba: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Številka artikla: T-17
Založniška številka: 14126
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