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Vajda János: Requiem

for mixed choir and organ

vocal/choral score

Zasedba: Mixed Voices and Accompaniment
Zasedba: SATB, org
Zvrst: Choral Works (Contemporary Hungarian)
Obdobje: Contemporary Music
Jezik: Latin
Trajanje: ca 35'
Število strani: 96 strani
Leto izdaje: Maj 2014
Založba: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
Številka artikla: V-45
János Vajda's Requiem written for mixed choir with organ accompaniment belongs to the most remarkable Hungarian sacred compositions of the latest dacade. As far as gamut or voice technique is concerned, this piece does not represent exraordinary requirements; however, from the point of view of intonation, it is reckoning on the abilities of at least the most accomplished amateur choirs. The peculiarity of this composition in eight movements is that, making use of the liturgical liberties of the genre, the composer selected some texts (e. g. Libera me, In Paradisum) which are not present in the celebrated funeral masses. The dramatic and pictoresque qualities of the piece, an expressivity serving the text faithfully, the exceptional melodic invention, moreover the variety of textures, sonorities and characters, so rich in contrasts, and, finally, its sensitive harmonic language exert a major impact on the listener from the very beginning. (János Malina)

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Introitus - Kyrie
Dies irae
Agnus Dei
Lux aeterna
Libera me
In Paradisum
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