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Kodály Zoltán: Choral Works for Mixed Voices

Extended and revised cloth bound edition

Edited by Erdei Péter
存款: Mixed Voices
类型: Choral Works
时期: 20th Century
语言: Hungarian, original language
页数: 404 页
Format: octavo (19 x27 cm)
首次出版: 2018年12月1日
出版者: Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest
刊物代码: 6725A
其他出版代码: 6725
ISMN: 9790080305485
Zoltán Kodály’s unaccompanied mixed choruses first appeared in print in 1943 as a collected volume published by the association Magyar Kórus. This collection contained twenty-five works. In 1951, the volume was released again in the author’s edition, being expanded with eight new compositions, but without Első áldozás (First Communion). Reprint editions of this collection had been distributed by Editio Musica Budapest until 1972, when a „commemorative extended edition” of the mixed choruses was issued, edited by Lajos Bárdos. Until now, reprints of this collection with forty-five compositions have been circulated. Péter Erdei carefully compared the printed edition with the manuscripts of the works preserved at the Kodály Archives. As a result of his work, in 2011 we emended a number of misprints, including those that had been inherited since the earliest print.

Seventy-five years after the first release, the time has come for Kodály’s collected choral works for mixed voices to appear in a completely new, expanded edition. Our collection contains six compositions that were not included in earlier editions: Jövel, Szentlélek Úristen (Come, Holy Spirit), Miatyánk (The Lord’s Prayer), Miserere, Salló Pista, Semmit ne bánkódjál (Do Not Grieve), Újesztendőt köszöntő (A Christmas Carol). In addition, two versions - both equally authentic - are published of the work known under the title of Naphimnusz (Canticle of the Sun), due to earlier editions; the new release comes with lyrics in Hebrew and English (Adoration), as well as Dénes Szedő’s Hungarian translation (Napének [Hymn of the Sun]). This is the most complete and most authentic edition of Kodály’s mixed choruses to date; it is printed in a slightly larger format than previous editions, and it contains new easily-legible music scores and an informative epilogue.

Kodály Separate Editions

These separate editions are all featured within the revised 2019 collection of Kodály: Choral Works for Mixed Voices.
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
Mixed voices (boys SAB)
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
Mixed Voices
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